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 * Global lang file
 * This file was generated automatically from messages.po

$trans['zh_TW'] = array(
      '' => "Project-Id-Version: b2evolution 0.9\nPOT-Creation-Date: 2003-08-22 19:52+0200\nPO-Revision-Date: 2004-10-26 02:26+0800\nLast-Translator: Jimmy Huang <i-yo-wai-ya@yahoo.com.tw>\nLanguage-Team: \nMIME-Version: 1.0\nContent-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\nContent-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n",
      'Selected' => "完整字串",
      'Categories' => "類別",
      'Permanent link to full entry' => "顯示文章詳細內容",
      'Permalink' => "詳細內容",
      'Recently' => "最新資訊",
      '(cached)' => "(快取)",
      '(no cache)' => "(不使用快取)",
      'Last comments' => "最新的評論",
      'Some viewing statistics' => "閱覽統計",
      'Search' => "搜尋",
      'All Words' => "所有文字",
      'Some Word' => "部分文字",
      'Entire phrase' => "完整字串",
      'Reset form' => "重新整理",
      'Get selection' => "顯示所選類別",
      'Archives' => "文章彙整",
      'more...' => "更多...",
      'Recent Referers' => "最新連結記錄",
      'Top Referers' => "最多連結記錄",
      'Misc' => "其他",
      'Syndicate this blog' => "訂閱此Blog",
      'Default page for b2evolution' => "b2evolution 的初始頁面",
      'Multilingual multiuser multi-blog engine.' => "多語言多使用者的多blog系統",
      'Welcome to b2evolution' => "歡迎使用 b2evolution",
      'This is the default homepage for b2evolution. It will be displayed as long as you don\'t select a default blog in the general settings.' => "這是 b2evolution 的預設首頁,你可在general settings更改此預設頁面為其他的 Blog。",
      'Individual blogs on this system' => "系統上獨立的 Blog",
      'Blog #%d' => "Blog #%d",
      'Blog #1' => "Blog #1",
      'This is a special blog that aggregates all messages from all other blogs!' => "這個獨特的Blog將所有系統上其他Blog的訊息都整合起來!",
      'Please note: the above list (as well as the menu) is automatically generated and includes only the blogs that have a &quot;stub url name&quot;. You can set this in the blog configuration in the back-office.' => "請注意 : 只有在 blog 有&quot;stub url name&quot;時,如選單上面所列的表是自動產生的。你可以在管理模式中調整他",
      'More demos' => "更多展示畫面",
      'Custom template' => "自訂樣版",
      'Multiple blogs displayed on the same page' => "多個Blog同時顯示在一個頁面上",
      'Summary of last posts in all blogs' => "所有Blog的最新文章摘要",
      'The page you\'re looking at' => "你所看到的頁面",
      'Administration' => "管理",
      'Go to backoffice!' => "管理你的Blog!",
      'Official website' => "官方網站",
      'GNU GPL license' => "GNU GPL license",
      'Multiblog demo' => "Multiblog 展示",
      'Summary demo' => "展示摘要",
      'More posts...' => "更多文章...",
      'Antispam' => "黑名單",
      'The keyword [%s] is too short, it has to be a minimum of 5 characters!' => "您的關鍵字 [%s] 太短,請輸入五個以上的字元",
      'Deleting log-hits matching [%s]...' => "刪除文章 : [%s] ...",
      'Deleting comments matching [%s]...' => "刪除評論 : [%s] ...",
      'Blacklisting the keyword [%s]...' => "黑名單關鍵字 [%s] ...",
      'Confirm ban &amp; delete' => "設定為不能刪除嗎?",
      'No log-hits match the keyword [%s].' => "沒有符合關鍵字 [%s] 的文章",
      'Delete the following %d referer hits:' => "刪除 %d 的連結記錄:",
      'No comments match the keyword [%s].' => "沒有符合關鍵字 [%s] 的評論",
      'Delete the following %d comments:' => "刪除 %d 的評論:",
      'The keyword [%s] is already handled by the blacklist.' => "[%s] 已經加入黑名單中",
      'Removing entry #%d from the ban list...' => "從阻擋名單消除 #%d 中",
      'Add a banned keyword' => "增加一個至阻擋名單",
      'Banned domains blacklist' => "URL 黑名單",
      'Any URL containing one of the following keywords will be banned from posts, comments and logs.' => "任何 URL 只要包含以下任意一個關鍵字,將會無法張貼文章和評論",
      'If a keyword restricts legitimate domains, click on the green tick to stop banning with this keyword.' => "欲取消任一黑名單請點選左邊的綠色勾勾",
      'Request abuse update from centralized blacklist!' => "從官方網站更新黑名單",
      'Allow keyword back (Remove it from the blacklist)' => "消除此黑名單",
      'Report' => "報告",
      'Re-check' => "再確認",
      'Blogs' => "Blogs",
      'Creating blog...' => "建立 Blog 中...",
      'You must provide an URL blog name / Stub name!' => "您必須填上URL Blog name 或 Stub name",
      'This URL blog name / Stub name is already in use by another blog. Choose another name.' => "這個  URL Blog name 或 Stub name 已經有人使用了,請選擇另一個名稱",
      'Cannot create, please correct these errors:' => "無法建立Blog,請更正以下錯誤 : ",
      'You should <a %s>create categories</a> for this blog now!' => "你現在該為這個Blog <a %s>新增類別</a> 了!",
      'New weblog' => "建立新 Weblog",
      'New blog' => "建立新 Blog",
      'General' => "一般",
      'Permissions' => "権限",
      'Advanced' => "進階",
      'Updating Blog [%s]...' => "更新 Blog  [%s] 中...",
      'Cannot update, please correct these errors:' => "無法更新,請更正下列錯誤 : ",
      'Delete blog [%s]?' => "確認要刪除Blog [%s] ?",
      'Deleting this blog will also delete all its categories, posts and comments!' => "注意!刪除 Blog 也會刪除所有裡面的分類、文章和評論!",
      'THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE!' => "這是無法還原的!",
      'Also try to delete stub file [<strong><a %s>%s</a></strong>]' => "stub file [<strong><a %s>%s</a></strong>] 也會嘗試刪除",
      'Also try to delete static file [<strong><a %s>%s</a></strong>]' => "static file [<strong><a %s>%s</a></strong>] 也會嘗試刪除",
      'I am sure!' => "確定!",
      'CANCEL' => "取消",
      'Generating static page for blog [%s]' => "為 Blog [%s] 產生一個 static page",
      'You haven\'t set a static filename for this blog!' => "你還沒為 static file 命名",
      'File cannot be written!' => "檔案無法寫入",
      'You should check the file permissions for [%s]. See <a %s>online manual on file permissions</a>.' => "你應該先確認檔案 [%s] 的權限。See <a %s>online manual on file permissions</a>",
      'Writing to file [%s]...' => "寫入檔案 [%s]...",
      'Done.' => "完成",
      'Browse blog:' => "瀏覽 Blog : ",
      'Since you\'re a newcomer, you\'ll have to wait for an admin to authorize you to post. You can also <a %s>e-mail the admin</a> to ask for a promotion. When you\'re promoted, just reload this page and you\'ll be able to blog. :)' => "如果您第一次來這兒,那需要系統管理者認證後才能張貼文章。您也可<a %s>寄e-mail給管理員</a>詢問權限相關事宜。當您的權限調整後,只要重新整理此頁面就可以了。 :)",
      'Categories for blog:' => "Blog 的類別 : ",
      'New sub-category in category: %s' => "新增子類別於 %s ",
      'New category in blog: %s' => "新增類別於Blog %s ",
      'New category name' => "新的類別名稱",
      'Create category' => "建立類別",
      'Deleting category #%d : %s ...' => "刪除類別  #%d : %s 中...",
      'ERROR' => "錯誤",
      'Category deleted.' => "類別已刪除",
      'Properties for category:' => "類別屬性 : ",
      'Name' => "名稱",
      'New parent category' => "新上層類別",
      'Old Parent' => "舊上層類別",
      'Root (No parent)' => "主目錄",
      'Edit category!' => "編輯類別!",
      'Sorry, you have no permission to edit/view any category\'s properties.' => "抱歉,您沒有權限編輯或顯示任何類別的屬性",
      'Oops, no post with this ID.' => "哇喔!這個ID目前沒有任何文章",
      'Editing post' => "編輯文章",
      '#%d in blog: %s' => "#%d 在 blog :  %s",
      'Oops, no comment with this ID!' => "哇喔!這個ID目前沒有任何評論",
      'Editing comment' => "編輯評論",
      'New post in blog:' => "發佈新文章在Blog : ",
      'Since this blog has no categories, you cannot post to it. You must create categories first.' => "在這個Blog還沒有類別之前您無法張貼文章,您必須先建立類別。",
      'Switch to this blog (keeping your input if Javascript is active)' => "切換到這個 Blog (keeping your input if Javascript is active)",
      'b2evo' => "b2evo",
      'Login...' => "登入...",
      'In b2evolution, you do not need to point to the b2login.php page to log in.' => "在 b2evolution 中,你不需連結到 b2login.php 頁面即可登入",
      'Simply point directly to the backoffice page you need, for example: %s or %s. b2evo will prompt you to log in if needed.' => "取而代之的是,您可以直接指定您想存取的後端管理介面,例如:%s 或 %s。 如果您尚未登入的話 b2evo 則會提醒您。",
      'Settings' => "設定",
      'Regional' => "地區選項",
      'Plug-ins' => "擴充套件",
      'General settings updated.' => "一般設定已更新",
      'Regional settings updated.' => "區域選項已更新",
      'You must provide a locale code!' => "您必須提供地區碼(locale code)!",
      'Inserted locale \'%s\' into database.' => "locale '%s'  已在資料庫新增",
      'Updated locale \'%s\'.' => "locale '%s'  已在資料庫更新",
      'Saved locale \'%s\'.' => "locale  '%s'  已儲存",
      'File <code>%s</code> not found.' => "找不到檔案 <code>%s</code>",
      'Deleted locale \'%s\' from database.' => "locale '%s'  已在資料庫刪除",
      'Switched priorities.' => "屬性切換完成",
      'Spell Check' => "拼字檢查",
      'Loading Spell Checker. Please wait' => "拼字檢查載入中,請稍後...",
      'View Stats for Blog:' => "Blog的統計 : ",
      'None' => "無",
      'Changing hit #%d type to: %s' => "變更記錄#%d的類型為 : %s",
      'Deleting hit #%d...' => "刪除記錄 #%d 中...",
      'Pruning hits for %s...' => "為 %s 修剪記錄中...",
      'Summary' => "記錄摘要",
      'Referers' => "外部連結",
      'Refering Searches' => "連結搜尋",
      'Syndication' => "新聞交換",
      'User Agents' => "使用者的瀏覽器",
      'Direct Accesses' => "直接存取記錄",
      'Date' => "日期",
      'Indexing Robots' => "索引建立程式",
      'Total' => "總計",
      'Prune this date!' => "刪除此日期",
      'Prune' => "刪除",
      'Prune hits for this date!' => "刪除此日期的記錄",
      'Last referers' => "最新外部連結記錄",
      'These are hits from external web pages refering to this blog' => "這些為透過外部網頁連結至您的 Blog 的記錄",
      'Delete this hit!' => "刪除此記錄",
      'Del' => "刪除",
      'Log as a search instead' => "將這筆資料轉移至搜尋記錄",
      '-&gt;S' => "&gt;S",
      'Ban this domain!' => "禁止此網址!",
      'Ban' => "禁止",
      'Top referers' => "最多連結記錄",
      'Total referers' => "全部連結記錄",
      'Last refering searches' => "最新連結搜尋記錄",
      'These are hits from people who came to this blog system through a search engine. (Search engines must be listed in /conf/_stats.php)' => "這些為透過搜尋引擎的使用者來到此 blog system 的記錄。(搜尋引擎必須有列在 /conf/_stats.php)",
      'Top refering search engines' => "最多的搜尋引擎記錄",
      'Top Indexing Robots' => "最多的索引建立程式記錄",
      'These are hits from automated robots like search engines\' indexing robots. (Robots must be listed in /conf/_stats.php)' => "這些為透過自動機器人(automated robots)所連結此 blog 的記錄,如搜尋引擎用的索引建立程式(indexing robots)。( robots必須有列在 /conf/_stats.php)",
      'Top Aggregators' => "最多的匯集軟體記錄",
      'These are hits from RSS news aggregators. (Aggregators must be listed in /conf/_stats.php)' => "這些為RSS 新聞匯集軟體(RSS news aggregators)連結此 blog 的記錄。(匯集軟體必須有列在 /conf/_stats.php)",
      'Total RSS hits' => "RSS hit 總計",
      'Last direct accesses' => "最新的直接存取記錄",
      'These are hits from people who came to this blog system by direct access (either by typing the URL directly, or using a bookmark. Invalid (too short) referers are also listed here.)' => "這些為使用者直接連結至此 blog system 的記錄(如直接打網址、用我的最愛等等方法,而太短的連結也會列在此)",
      'Top User Agents' => "最多的瀏覽器記錄",
      'Custom skin template editing' => "自訂樣式的樣版編輯",
      'Listing:' => "列出如下 : ",
      'Invalid filename!' => "不合法的檔案名稱!",
      'Oops, no such file !' => "哇喔,沒有這個檔案!",
      'File edited!' => "檔案編輯完成",
      'Be careful what you do, editing this file could break your template! Do not edit what\'s between <code>&lt;?php</code> and <code>?&gt;</code> if you don\'t know what you\'re doing!' => "小心編輯這個檔案,改變他可能使您的樣版產生錯誤!如果你不懂php,千萬不要隨便編輯在<code>&lt;?php</code> 和 <code>?&gt;</code> 之間的程式碼。",
      'update template !' => "樣版已更新!",
      '(you cannot update that file/template: must make it writable, e.g. CHMOD 766)' => "(無法更新樣版,您必須調整檔案為可寫入的狀態,如 chmod 766)",
      'This screen allows you to edit the <strong>custom skin</strong> (located under /skins/custom). ' => "此頁面允許你編輯<strong>個人化樣式</strong> (檔案在 /skins/custom)",
      'You can edit any of the following files (provided it\'s writable by the server, e.g. CHMOD 766)' => "你可以編輯任何以下的檔案 (在他是可以寫入的狀態下,如 chmod 766)",
      'Directory %s not found.' => "找不到資料夾 %s",
      'This is the template that displays the links to the archives for a blog' => "此樣版為顯示在此 blog 中連到檔案的連結",
      'This is the template that displays the (recursive) list of (sub)categories' => "此樣版為顯示所有的分類",
      'This is the template that displays the feedback for a post' => "此樣版為顯示一個文章的 feedback",
      'This is the template that displays the last comments for a blog' => "此樣版為顯示在此 blog 中最新的評論",
      'This is the main template. It displays the blog.' => "此為顯示 blog 的主要的樣版",
      'This is the template that displays stats for a blog' => "此樣版為顯示 blog 上的統計資訊",
      'This is the page displayed in the comment popup' => "此為撰寫評論時顯示的頁面",
      'This is the page displayed in the pingback popup' => "此頁面為顯示 pingback",
      'This is the page displayed in the trackback popup' => "此頁面為顯示 trackback",
      'Note: of course, you can also edit the files/templates in your text editor and upload them. This online editor is only meant to be used when you don\'t have access to a text editor...' => "注意:當然您也可以在自己的文字編輯器編寫這些檔案(樣版)然後再上傳,這個線上的編輯器只是為了讓你可以在無法直接存取檔案時,還是可以編寫檔案。",
      'upload images/files' => "上傳影像或檔案",
      'File upload' => "上傳檔案",
      'Allowed file types:' => "允許檔案類型 : ",
      'Maximum allowed file size: %d KB' => "檔案大小不可超過 : %d KB",
      'Description' => "說明",
      'Upload !' => "上傳!",
      'File %s: type %s is not allowed.' => "檔案 %s: 不允許的類型 %s",
      'Couldn\'t upload your file to:' => "無法上傳你的檔案至 : ",
      'Duplicate File?' => "重複的檔案?",
      'The filename "%s" already exists!' => "重複的檔名 \"%s\" ",
      'Filename "%s" moved to "%s"' => "檔名 \"%s\"  變更為 \"%s\"",
      'Confirm or rename:' => "確認或重新命明 : ",
      'Alternate name' => "變更名稱",
      'Confirm !' => "確認 !",
      'File uploaded !' => "檔案上傳完成!",
      'Your file <strong>"%s"</strong> was uploaded successfully !' => "您的檔案  <strong>\"%s\"</strong> 已經成功的上傳了!",
      'Here\'s the code to display it:' => "加上這裡的程式碼可以顯示 : ",
      'Add the code to your post !' => "將程式碼插入你的文章!",
      'Image Details' => "影像資訊",
      'Size' => "大小",
      'Type' => "類型",
      'Close this window' => "關閉此視窗",
      'User management' => "管理使用者",
      'You cannot change the demouser profile in demo mode!' => "在展示模式您無法變更demouser的個人設定檔案(profile)",
      'You are only allowed to update your own profile!' => "您只可更新自己的個人設定檔(profile)",
      'You must provide an unique login!' => "你必須提供獨一無二的名稱做為登入的ID!",
      'User level must be between %d and %d.' => "使用者等級必須在%d 和%d 之間",
      'This login already exists. Do you want to <a %s>edit the existing user</a>?' => "此login ID已經為別人使用了。您想要<a %s>編輯現有的使用者</a>嗎?",
      'You typed two different passwords.' => "您兩次打入密碼不相同",
      'The mimimum password length is %d characters.' => "密碼至少要 %d 個字元",
      'User updated.' => "已更新使用者資訊",
      'New user created.' => "已建立新使用者",
      'Invalid promotion.' => "不合法的升級",
      'User level changed.' => "已變更使用者等級",
      'You can\'t delete yourself!' => "你無法刪除自己",
      'You can\'t delete User #1!' => "你不能刪除使用者 #1!",
      'Delete User %s?' => "刪除使用者 %s 嗎?",
      'Warning' => "警告",
      'deleting an user also deletes all posts made by this user.' => "刪除使用者也會刪除所有他寫的文章",
      'Deleting User...' => "正在刪除使用者中...",
      'You can\'t delete Group #1!' => "你不能刪除群組 #1!",
      'You can\'t delete the default group for new users!' => "你不能刪除給新使用者的預設群組",
      'Delete group [%s]?' => "刪除群組 [%s] 嗎?",
      'Group deleted...' => "已刪除群組",
      'This group name already exists! Do you want to <a %s>edit the existing group</a>?' => "此群組的名稱已經存在了。您想要<a %s>編輯現有的群組</a>嗎?",
      'Group updated.' => "更新群組完成",
      'The user was not created:' => "未建立新使用者",
      'The user was not updated:' => "使用者資料未更新",
      'The group was not created:' => "未建立新群組",
      'The group was not updated:' => "群組資料未更新",
      'You are not allowed to view other users.' => "你沒有權限瀏覽其他使用者資料",
      'Adding new post...' => "正在張貼您的新文章...",
      'Supplied URL is invalid: ' => "不正確的 URL",
      'Cannot post, please correct these errors:' => "無法張貼文章,請更正下列錯誤 : ",
      'Back to post editing' => "回到編輯文章頁面",
      'Recording post...' => "正在記錄文章...",
      'Sleeping...' => "休息中...",
      'Post not publicly published: skipping trackback, pingback and blog pings...' => "文章不是公開發表的屬性 : 略過 trackback、pingback 和 blog pings...",
      'Posting Done...' => "張貼完成...",
      'Updating post...' => "正在更新文章...",
      'Post had already pinged: skipping blog pings...' => "此文章已經回報過了(pinged) : 略過blog pings...",
      'Updating done...' => "更新完成...",
      'Updating post status...' => "正在更新文章狀態...",
      'Deleting post...' => "正在刪除文章...",
      'Oops, no post with this ID!' => "喔,此ID沒有發表任何文章",
      'Deleting Done...' => "刪除完成",
      'Error' => "錯誤",
      'Cannot update comment, please correct these errors:' => "無法更新評論,請更正下錯誤 : ",
      'Back to posts!' => "回到您的文章!",
      'You may also want to generate static pages or view your blogs...' => "您或許也會想要為 blog 產生一個靜態頁面或看看您的 blog",
      'New post' => "新文章",
      'User group' => "使用者群組",
      'See <a %s>online manual</a> for details.' => "察看<a %s> 線上使用手冊</a>來獲得更多資訊",
      'Level' => "等級",
      'Default locale' => "預設的語言",
      'Select main category in target blog and optionally check additional categories' => "在你想瀏覽的 blog 中選擇主要的類別,也可勾選一個以上的類別",
      'Select as an additionnal category' => "選擇此為額外的類別",
      'Select as MAIN category' => "選擇此為「主要的」類別",
      'Tools' => "工具",
      'Bookmarklet' => "Bookmarklet",
      'Add this link to your Favorites/Bookmarks:' => "新增這個連結至您的書籤 : ",
      'b2evo bookmarklet' => "b2evo bookmarklet",
      'Post to b2evolution' => "發佈至b2evolution",
      'No Sidebar found! You must use Mozilla 0.9.4 or later!' => "資訊方塊列不存在!你必須使用Mozilla 0.9.4或更新版本",
      'SideBar' => "資訊方塊列",
      'Add the <a %s>b2evo sidebar</a> !' => "新增 <a %s>b2evo 面板</a>至資訊方塊列!",
      'Add this link to your favorites:' => "新增此連結至你的書籤 : ",
      'b2evo sidebar' => "b2evo 資訊方塊列",
      'Movable Type Import' => "讀入 Movable Type",
      'Use MT\'s export functionnality to create a .TXT file containing your posts;' => "使用 MT 的讀出程式來建立一個含有您文章的文字檔(.TXT)",
      'Place that file into the /admin folder on your server;' => "將檔案放進您blog system 的 /admin 資料夾中",
      'Follow the insctructions in the <a %s>MT migration utility</a>.' => "隨著<a %s>Movable Type遷移工具(MT migration utility)</a>的步驟",
      'Static file generation' => "產生static file",
      'Static filename' => "static filename",
      'This is the .html file that will be created when you generate a static version of the blog homepage.' => "當您為 blog 的首頁產生一個靜態的版本時,將會建立一個 .html 的網頁檔",
      'After each new post...' => "每當發表了新文章後...",
      'Ping b2evolution.net' => "告知b2evolution.net (ping b2evolution.net)",
      'to get listed on the "recently updated" list on b2evolution.net' => "從 b2evolution.net 取得\"最近的更新\"列表",
      'Ping technorati.com' => "告知 technorati.com (ping technorati.com)",
      'to give notice of new post.' => "說有您有新文章",
      'Ping weblogs.com' => "告知 weblogs.com (ping weblogs.com)",
      'Ping blo.gs' => "告知 blo.gs (ping blo.gs)",
      'Advanced options' => "進階選項",
      'Allow trackbacks' => "允許 trackbacks",
      'Allow other bloggers to send trackbacks to this blog, letting you know when they refer to it. This will also let you send trackbacks to other blogs.' => "允許其他的 blog 傳送 trackback 給您,讓您也知道他們的 blog 的消息。這個選項也會讓你傳送 trackback 給其他的 blog ",
      'Allow pingbacks' => "允許 pingbacks",
      'Allow other bloggers to send pingbacks to this blog, letting you know when they refer to it. This will also let you send pingbacks to other blogs.' => "允許其他的 blog 傳送 pingback 給您,讓您也知道他們的 blog 的消息。這個選項也會讓你傳送 pingback 給其他的 blog ",
      'Save !' => "儲存!",
      'Reset' => "重新填寫",
      'General parameters' => "一般選項",
      'Full Name' => "大標題 (Full Name)",
      'Will be displayed on top of the blog.' => "這將會顯現在您 blog 的最上方",
      'Short Name' => "標題別名 (Short Name)",
      'Will be used in selection menus and throughout the admin interface.' => "這個名稱會顯示在選單上和管理介面中",
      'Main Locale' => "主要語言",
      'Determines the language of the navigation links on the blog.' => "決定您 blog 版面上操作介面的語言",
      'Access parameters' => "存取選項",
      'Default blog on index.php' => "連到 index.php 時預設顯示的 blog",
      'Current default is:' => "目前的預設值為 : ",
      'Other blog through index.php' => "其他的 blog",
      'You MUST create a stub file for this to work.' => "要使用這個功能,你必須為blog建立個人設定檔(stub file)",
      'No trailing slash. (If you don\'t know, leave this field empty.)' => "結尾不用加斜線(如果你不瞭解這個功能, 請不要填上任何資訊)",
      'URL blog name / Stub name' => "blog名稱 / 自訂名稱(stub name)的連結(URL)",
      'Default display options' => "預設顯示選項",
      'Default skin' => "預設樣式",
      'This is the default skin that will be used to display this blog.' => "這是套用在此 Blog 的預設樣式",
      'Allow skin switching' => "允許切換樣式",
      'Users will be able to select another skin to view the blog (and their prefered skin will be saved in a cookie).' => "使用者能夠選擇別種樣式來瀏覽這個Blog(喜歡的樣式則會存在他們的cookie中)",
      'Display public blog list' => "顯示公開的blog",
      'Check this if you want to display the list of all blogs on your blog page (if your skin supports this).' => "如果想在你的 Blog 上列出所有 Blog ,請勾選此選項 (你的樣式有支援才能顯示)",
      'Include in public blog list' => "包含在 blog list 中",
      'Check this if you want to this blog to be displayed in the list of all public blogs.' => "如果你想要這個 blog 與所有公開的 blog 中一同顯示,請勾選此選項",
      'Default linkblog' => "預設的 linkblog",
      'Will be displayed next to this blog (if your skin supports this).' => "這將會顯示下一個 Blog (你的樣式有支援才能顯示)",
      'Tagline' => "子標題",
      'This is diplayed under the blog name on the blog template.' => "這是顯示在 blog 名稱下面的小標題",
      'Long Description' => "詳細的描述",
      'This is displayed on the blog template.' => "這是顯示在 blog 樣版中的",
      'Short Description' => "簡單的描述",
      'Keywords' => "關鍵字",
      'Notes' => "附註",
      'Additional info.' => "更多資訊",
      'Blog' => "Blog",
      'Blog URL' => "Blog URL",
      'Static File' => "靜態檔案 (Static File)",
      'Locale' => "語言 (國家)",
      'Properties' => "屬性",
      'Default' => "預設值",
      'Gen!' => "產生!",
      'Are you sure you want to delete blog #%d ?\\n\\nWARNING: This will delete ALL POST, COMMENTS,\\nCATEGORIES and other data related to that Blog!\\n\\nThis CANNOT be undone!' => "你確定要刪除 blog #%d嗎?\\n\\n警告 : 這將會刪除所有的文章、評論和分類,\\n還有其他所有關於此 blog 的資料\\n\\n這的動作是無法還原的!",
      'Delete this blog!' => "刪除此 blog ",
      'Copy this blog!' => "複製此 blog",
      'Copy' => "複製",
      'Sorry, you have no permission to edit/view any blog\'s properties.' => "抱歉,您沒有權限編輯/ 觀看任何屬於此 blog 的資訊",
      'New blog...' => "新增 blog...",
      'User permissions' => "使用者權限",
      'Login ' => "帳號",
      'Is<br />member' => "為此blog<br />的成員",
      'Can post/edit with following statuses:' => "可以張貼/編輯下列屬性的文章 : ",
      'Delete<br />posts' => "刪除文章",
      'Edit<br />comts' => "編輯評論",
      'Edit<br />cats' => "編輯分類",
      'Edit<br />blog' => "編輯 blog 屬性",
      'Published' => "公開",
      'Protected' => "保護",
      'Private' => "私人",
      'Draft' => "草稿",
      'Deprecated' => "棄置",
      'Members' => "成員",
      'Permission to read protected posts' => "擁有閱讀「保護」權限的文章",
      'Permission to post into this blog with private status' => "可在此blog張貼「私人」權限的文章",
      'Permission to post into this blog with protected status' => "可在此blog張貼「保護」權限的文章",
      'Permission to post into this blog with draft status' => "可在此blog張貼「草稿」權限的文章",
      'Permission to post into this blog with deprecated status' => "可在此blog「棄置」文章",
      'Permission to delete posts in this blog' => "可在此blog刪除文章",
      'Permission to edit comments in this blog' => "可在此blog編輯評論",
      'Permission to edit categories for this blog' => "可在此blog編輯分類",
      'Permission to edit blog properties' => "擁有編輯blog屬性的權限",
      '(un)selects all checkboxes using Javascript' => "勾選全部",
      '(un)check all' => "取消全部選取",
      'Non members' => "非成員",
      'Warning! You are about to remove your own permission to edit this blog!\\nYou won\\\'t have access to its properties any longer if you do that!' => "!!警告!! 你正要刪除自己編輯此blog的權限\\n如果確定刪除,你將\\'t不能存取任何此blog的權限!",
      'Edit category properties' => "編輯分類的屬性",
      'Are you sure you want to delete?' => "確定要刪除嗎?",
      'New sub-category here' => "新增子分類",
      'New category here' => "按此新增類別",
      'Post contents' => "寫新文章",
      'Title' => "標題",
      'Language' => "語言",
      'Link to url' => "文章標題連結",
      'Email' => "Email",
      'URL' => "URL",
      'Preview' => "預覽",
      '&nbsp; Save ! &nbsp;' => "&nbsp; 儲存! &nbsp;",
      'Spellcheck' => "拼字檢查",
      'Upload a file/image' => "上傳檔案或影像",
      'Advanced properties' => "進階選項",
      'Edit timestamp' => "編輯時間",
      'URL Title' => "連結",
      'Auto-BR' => "自動斷行(Auto-BR)",
      'This option is deprecated, you should avoid using it.' => "不建議使用此選項",
      'Pingback' => "Pingback",
      'Trackback URLs' => "引用(Trackback) 的連結",
      '(Separate by space)' => "以空白分隔",
      'Status' => "狀態",
      'The post will be publicly published' => "文章將會被發佈為公開狀態,任何人都可以存取",
      'Published (Public)' => "公開發表:Published (公開的)",
      'The post will be published but visible only by logged-in blog members' => "文章將會被發佈為保護狀態,只有已經登入的成員才可以存取",
      'Protected (Members only)' => "保護:Protected (只有成員具有存取權)",
      'The post will be published but visible only by yourself' => "文章將會被發佈為私人狀態,只有您才可以存取",
      'Private (You only)' => "私人:Private (只有您才可以存取)",
      'The post will appear only in the backoffice' => "文章只有在管理介面才可以存取,不會顯示在blog上",
      'Draft (Not published!)' => "草稿:Draft (不對外公開!)",
      'Deprecated (Not published!)' => "棄置:Deprecated (不對外公開!)",
      'Note: Cross posting among multiple blogs is enabled.' => "注意 : 允許在多個 blog 上發表相同文章",
      'Note: Cross posting among multiple blogs is currently disabled.' => "注意 : 不允許在多個 blog 上發表相同文章",
      'Note: Cross posting among multiple categories is currently disabled.' => "注意 : 不允許在多個分類上發表相同文章",
      'Comments' => "評論",
      'Visitors can leave comments on this post.' => "參觀的人可以對此文章留下他們的評論",
      'Open' => "開啟",
      'Visitors can NOT leave comments on this post.' => "「無法」",
      'Closed' => "關閉",
      'Visitors cannot see nor leave comments on this post.' => "訪客權限無法看見此文章,也不能評論",
      'Disabled' => "已停用",
      'Comment info' => "關於此評論",
      'Author' => "作者",
      'IP address' => "IP位址",
      'Next %d days' => "往後%d天",
      'Previous %d' => "往前%d",
      'Previous %d days' => "往前%d天",
      'Next %d' => "往後%d",
      ' to ' => "至",
      ' of ' => "在",
      'from the end' => "從最新排序",
      'from the start' => "從最舊排序",
      'OK' => "檢視",
      'by' => "作者為 : ",
      'level:' => "等級 : ",
      'Pages:' => "頁數 : ",
      'no comment' => "沒有評論",
      '1 comment' => "1 個評論",
      '%d comments' => "%d 個評論",
      '1 Trackback' => "1個引用(TrackBack)",
      '%d Trackbacks' => "%d 個引用(TrackBack)",
      '1 Pingback' => "1 Pingback",
      '%d Pingbacks' => "%d Pingbacks",
      'Trackbacks' => "引用(Trackbacks)",
      'Pingbacks' => "Pingbacks",
      'No feedback for this post yet...' => "此文章還沒有任何回應...",
      'Comment from:' => "評論者為 : ",
      'Trackback from:' => "引用(Trackback)來自 :",
      'Pingback from:' => "Pingback 從 :",
      'Leave a comment' => "寫下你的評論",
      'User' => "使用者ID ",
      'Edit profile' => "編寫個人檔案",
      'Comment text' => "評論內文",
      'Allowed XHTML tags' => "允許 XHTML 標籤",
      'URLs, email, AIM and ICQs will be converted automatically.' => "連結(URL)、email、AIM、和ICQ等等將會自動轉換成連結樣式",
      'Options' => "選項",
      '(Line breaks become &lt;br&gt;)' => "(換行用 &lt;br&gt;)",
      'Send comment' => "寄出評論",
      'Past' => "過去",
      'Future' => "未來",
      'Words' => "字數",
      'AND' => "AND",
      'OR' => "OR",
      'GPL License' => "GPL License",
      'uncheck all' => "取消全部選取",
      'check all' => "全部選取",
      'visit b2evolution\'s website' => "參觀 b2evolution 官方網站",
      'Logout' => "登出",
      'Exit to blogs' => "blog 首頁",
      'Blog time:' => "Blog 時間",
      'GMT:' => "GMT:",
      'Logged in as:' => "登入為 : ",
      'Write' => "寫新文章",
      'Edit' => "編輯",
      'Stats' => "狀態",
      'Templates' => "樣版",
      'Users' => "使用者",
      'User Profile' => "使用者個人資訊",
      'days' => "日期模式",
      'posts' => "單篇文章模式",
      'posts paged' => "多文分頁模式",
      'Display mode' => "顯示模式",
      'Posts/Days per page' => "每頁顯示多少文章 / 天",
      'monthly' => "每月",
      'weekly' => "每週",
      'daily' => "每天",
      'post by post' => "每篇文章",
      'Archive mode' => "文章彙整模式",
      'Link options' => "連結選項",
      'Use extra-path info' => "使用較美觀路徑顯示",
      'Recommended if your webserver supports it. Links will look like \'stub/2003/05/20/post_title\' instead of \'stub?title=post_title&c=1&tb=1&pb=1&more=1\'.' => "建議使用. 如果你的網頁伺服器支援, 連結將會顯示成 'stub/2003/05/20/post_title' 而不是 'stub?title=post_title&c=1&tb=1&pb=1&more=1'",
      'Plug-in' => "擴充套件",
      'Apply' => "同意",
      'Toolbar plug-ins' => "工具列擴充套件",
      'Update' => "更新",
      'Create new locale' => "建立新的語言檔",
      'Edit locale' => "編輯語言檔",
      'Enabled' => "啟用",
      'Should this locale be available to users?' => "這個語言可以讓使用者使用嗎?",
      'name of the locale' => "語言名稱",
      'Charset' => "字元集(Charset)",
      'Must match the lang file charset.' => "必須與語言檔的charset相同",
      'Date format' => "日期格式",
      'Time format' => "時間格式",
      'Lang file' => "語言檔",
      'the lang file to use, from the <code>locales</code> subdirectory' => "若要使用語言檔,他們在 <code>locales</code>的子資料夾中",
      'Priority' => "優先權",
      'Create' => "建立",
      'Flags' => "旗標",
      'Date/Time Formats' => "日期/時間格式",
      'Regional settings' => "地域設定",
      'Time difference' => "時差",
      'in hours' => "時間",
      'Available locales' => "可用的語言",
      'Hide translation info' => "隱藏翻譯資訊",
      'Show translation info' => "顯示翻譯資訊",
      'Date fmt' => "日期格式",
      'Time fmt' => "時間格式",
      'Strings' => "句子數",
      'Translated' => "已翻譯",
      'Extract' => "Extract",
      'up' => "上",
      'Move priority up' => "順序提前",
      'down' => "下",
      'Move priority down' => "順序排後",
      'Copy locale' => "複製語言",
      'Reset custom settings' => "重設",
      'No language file...' => "沒有語言檔...",
      'Extract .po file into b2evo-format' => "將 .po 轉換成 b2evo 的格式",
      'Are you sure you want to reset?' => "你確定要重設嗎?",
      'Reset to defaults (delete database table)' => "重新載入預設值 (刪除資料庫裡的表格)",
      'first user' => "第一個使用者",
      'previous user' => "上個使用者",
      'next user' => "下個使用者",
      'last user' => "最後一個使用者",
      'Login' => "帳號",
      'First name' => "名",
      'Last name' => "姓",
      'Nickname' => "暱稱",
      'Identity shown' => "顯示名稱為",
      'Preferred locale' => "喜好的語言",
      'Preferred locale for admin interface, notifications, etc.' => "在管理介面、通告...等等中的喜好語言",
      'Send an email' => "寄封信給此位址",
      'Search on ICQ.com' => "在 ICQ.com 搜尋中",
      'ICQ' => "ICQ",
      'AIM' => "AIM",
      'MSN IM' => "MSN IM",
      'YahooIM' => "YahooIM",
      'Notifications' => "通知",
      'Check this to receive notification whenever one of your posts receives comments, trackbacks, etc.' => "勾選此選項後,當您的文章有評論、trackbacks...等等時會通知您",
      'New password' => "新密碼",
      'Leave empty if you don\'t want to change the password.' => "如果你不想變更密碼,請不要填寫",
      'Confirm new password' => "確認新密碼",
      'yes' => "是的",
      'no' => "不!",
      'ID' => "編號",
      'Posts' => "文章",
      'With Browser' => "使用的瀏覽器",
      'first group' => "第一個群組",
      'previous group' => "上一個群組",
      'next group' => "下一個群組",
      'last group' => "最後一個群組",
      'Editing group:' => "編輯群組 :",
      'Viewing group:' => "顯示群組:",
      'View all' => "顯示全部",
      'View only' => "只顯示",
      'Copy group' => "群組複製",
      'Delete group' => "群組刪除",
      'decrease user level' => "減少使用者等級",
      'increase user level' => "增加使用者等級",
      'Delete user' => "刪除使用者",
      'New user...' => "新增使用者...",
      'New group...' => "新增群組...",
      '%d posts' => "%d篇文章",
      '1 post' => "1篇文章",
      'previous month' => "上個月",
      'next month' => "下個月",
      'previous year' => "上一年",
      'next year' => "下一年",
      'Member' => "成員",
      'Edit this comment' => "編輯此評論",
      'Delete' => "刪除",
      'Delete this comment' => "刪除此評論",
      'No comment yet...' => "還沒有評論...",
      'MySQL error!' => "MySQL錯誤!",
      'Found invalid URL: ' => "偵測到不合法的網址(URL)",
      'Browse category' => "瀏覽分類",
      'Read more!' => "深入閱讀...",
      'More:' => "全文:",
      'Display trackbacks / Get trackback address for this post' => "顯示別人引用 / 複製本文trackback的引用路徑",
      'Trackback (0)' => "引用(0)",
      'Trackback (1)' => "引用(1)",
      'Trackbacks (%d)' => "引用(%d)",
      'Edit this post' => "編輯此文章",
      'Publish NOW!' => "公開發表!",
      'Oops, MySQL error!' => "MySQL 錯誤!",
      'go back' => "回到上一頁",
      'Redirecting you to:' => "網頁重導至:",
      'If nothing happens, click <a %s>here</a>.' => "如果沒有進入另一個畫面,請<a %s>按此</a>",
      'No response!' => "沒有回應!",
      'Response' => "回應",
      'Parameter %s is required!' => "必須要有%s",
      'Invalid URL' => "不合法的網址(URL)",
      'Post details' => "文章詳細內容",
      'PREVIEW' => "預覽",
      'Next page' => "下一頁",
      'Previous page' => "上一頁",
      'Previous post' => "上一篇",
      'Next post' => "下一篇",
      'Next Page' => "下一頁",
      'Previous Page' => "上一頁",
      'Cannot delete if there are sub-categories!' => "仍有子分類,所以無法刪除",
      'Cannot delete last category if there are posts inside!' => "如果還有文章,無法刪除唯一的分類",
      'Requested category %s does not exist!' => "要求的分類「%s」不存在",
      'Category' => "分類",
      'invalid' => "不合法",
      'search engine' => "搜尋引擎",
      'not a query - no params!' => "不合法的查詢-沒有字串",
      'no query string found' => "找不到你所查詢字詞",
      'name' => "名",
      'Sending pingbacks...' => "傳送pingbacks(通告)",
      'No pingback to be done.' => "沒有pingback(通告)需被傳送",
      'BEGIN' => "開始",
      'Couldn\'t find a hostname for:' => "找不到主機位置為:",
      'Connect to server at:' => "連結伺服器在: ",
      'Couldn\'t open a connection to:' => "無法建立連結在: ",
      'Start receiving headers and content' => "開始接收標題和內文",
      'Pingback server found from X-Pingback header:' => "找到Pingback(通告)伺服器在X-Pingback的標頭: ",
      'Pingback server found from Pingback <link /> tag:' => "找到Pingback(通告)伺服器在Pingback <link /> 標籤: ",
      'Pingback server data' => "Pingback(通告)伺服器的資料",
      'Page Linked To:' => "網頁連至:",
      'Page Linked From:' => "網頁連由: ",
      'END' => "結束",
      'Pingbacks done.' => "通告程序完成",
      'Pinging b2evolution.net...' => "通知b2evolution.net...",
      'Pinging Weblogs.com...' => "通知Weblogs.com...",
      'Pinging Blo.gs...' => "通知Blo.gs...",
      'Pinging technorati.com...' => "通知technorati.com...",
      'Sending trackbacks...' => "正在傳送引文(trackback)...",
      'No trackback to be sent.' => "沒有引用需要傳送",
      'Excerpt to be sent:' => "傳送摘要: ",
      'Trackbacks done.' => "引文傳送完成",
      'Sending trackback to:' => "傳送引文至: ",
      'Response:' => "回應:",
      'wrong login/password.' => "錯誤的 使用者/密碼",
      'You must log in!' => "你必須登入!",
      'Login if you have an account...' => "有帳號的請登入",
      'Register...' => "註冊...",
      'Register to open an account...' => "註冊新帳號",
      'Logout (%s)' => "登出 (%s)",
      'Logout from your account' => "登出你的帳號",
      'Admin' => "管理模式",
      'Go to the back-office' => "至管理模式",
      'Profile (%s)' => "個人設定(%s)",
      'Edit your profile' => "編輯你的個人設定",
      'User profile' => "使用者設定檔",
      'Sunday' => "星期日",
      'Monday' => "星期一",
      'Tuesday' => "星期二",
      'Wednesday' => "星期三",
      'Thursday' => "星期四",
      'Friday' => "星期五",
      'Saturday' => "星期六",
      'Sun' => "日",
      'Mon' => "一",
      'Tue' => "二",
      'Wed' => "三",
      'Thu' => "四",
      'Fri' => "五",
      'Sat' => "六",
      ' S ' => " 日",
      ' M ' => " 一",
      ' T ' => " 二",
      ' W ' => " 三",
      ' T  ' => " 四",
      ' F ' => " 五",
      ' S  ' => " 六",
      'January' => "1月",
      'February' => "2月",
      'March' => "3月",
      'April' => "4月",
      'May ' => "5月",
      'June' => "6月",
      'July' => "7月",
      'August' => "8月",
      'September' => "9月",
      'October' => "10月",
      'November' => "11月",
      'December' => "12月",
      'Jan' => "1月",
      'Feb' => "2月",
      'Mar' => "3月",
      'Apr' => "4月",
      'May' => "5月",
      'Jun' => "6月",
      'Jul' => "7月",
      'Aug' => "8月",
      'Sep' => "9月",
      'Oct' => "10月",
      'Nov' => "11月",
      'Dec' => "12月",
      'Czech (CZ)' => "捷克語 (CZ)",
      'German (DE)' => "德語 (DE)",
      'English (EU)' => "英語 (EU)",
      'English (UK)' => "英語 (UK)",
      'English (US)' => "英語 (US)",
      'English (CA)' => "英語 (CA)",
      'English (AU)' => "英語 (AU)",
      'English (IL)' => "英語 (IL)",
      'Spanish (ES)' => "西班牙語 (ES)",
      'French (FR)' => "法語 (FR)",
      'French (CA)' => "法語 (CA)",
      'French (BE)' => "法語 (BE)",
      'Hungarian (HU)' => "匈牙利語 (HU)",
      'Italian (IT)' => "義大利語 (IT)",
      'Japanese (JP)' => "日語 (JP)",
      'Lithuanian (LT)' => "立陶宛語 (LT)",
      'Dutch (NL)' => "荷蘭語 (NL)",
      'Dutch (BE)' => "荷蘭語 (BE)",
      'Portuguese (BR)' => "葡萄牙語 (BR)",
      'Swedish (SE)' => "瑞典語 (SE)",
      'Chinese(S) gb2312 (CN)' => "中文(簡體) gb2312 (CN)",
      'Chinese(S) utf-8 (CN)' => "中文(簡體) utf-8 (CN)",
      'Trad. Chinese (TW)' => "繁體中文 (TW)",
      'Url' => "Url",
      'Comment' => "評論",
      'Edit/Delete' => "編輯/刪除",
      'Category ID' => "分類編號(ID)",
      'Blog ID' => "Blog 編號(ID)",
      'New Password:' => "新的密碼",
      'You can login here:' => "您可以在此登入 : ",
      'your weblog\'s login/password' => "您 weblog 的帳號/密碼",
      'Continue...' => "繼續...",
      'Manage users' => "管理使用者",
      'Website' => "網站",
      'Login form' => "登入表單",
      'Password:' => "密碼",
      'Log in!' => "登入!",
      'Lost your password ?' => "忘記您的密碼嗎?",
      'Lost password ?' => "忘記密碼嗎?",
      'A new password will be generated and sent to you by email.' => "新的密碼將會自動產生,並寄到您的電子信箱",
      'Generate new password!' => "產生新的密碼!",
      'Registration complete' => "認證完成",
      'b2evo installer' => "b2evo 安裝程式",
      'Install menu' => "安裝選單",
      'PHP info' => "PHP info",
      'Go to Admin' => "至管理介面",
      'Online' => "線上",
      'Manual' => "使用手冊",
      'Support' => "支援",
      'Language / Locale' => "語言/國家",
      'Choose a default language/locale for your b2evo installation.' => "為你要安裝的 b2evolution 選一個預設的語言/ 國家",
      'mySQL Username' => "mySQL使用者名稱",
      'Your username to access the database' => "您存取資料庫的使用者名稱",
      'mySQL Password' => "mySQL 密碼",
      'Your password to access the database' => "您存取資料庫的密碼",
      'mySQL Database' => "mySQL的資料庫",
      'Name of the database you want to use' => "你所想要使用的資料庫名稱",
      'mySQL Host' => "mySQL Host",
      'You probably won\'t have to change this' => "通常你不用調整此選項",
      'Additional settings' => "進階選項",
      'Base URL' => "Base URL",
      'This is where b2evo and your blogs reside by default. CHECK THIS CAREFULLY or not much will work. If you want to test b2evolution on your local machine, in order for login cookies to work, you MUST use http://<strong>localhost</strong>/path... Do NOT use your machine\'s name!' => "這就是b2evo和您的blog預設的位置,<strong>請注意調整</strong>不然將無法啟用。如果您只想在你本機上測試b2evolution,為了讓登入時cookie可以運作,您「必須」用 http://<strong>localhost</strong>/path... ,而不要用你機器的名稱。",
      'Your email' => "您的email",
      'Will be used in severe error messages so that users can contact you. You will also receive notifications for new user registrations.' => "使用者將可以聯繫您,並傳送系統錯誤訊息。新使用者註冊時,您也會收到通知",
      'Update config file' => "更新設定檔",
      'How do you want to install b2evolution?' => "您想如何安裝b2evolution?",
      'The installation can be done in different ways. Choose one:' => "將可選擇下列幾種方式安裝: ",
      '<strong>New Install</strong>: Install b2evolution database tables with sample data.' => "<strong>全新安裝</strong>: 安裝b2evolution資料庫和範例",
      '<strong>Upgrade from a previous version of b2evolution</strong>: Upgrade your b2evolution database tables in order to make them compatible with the current version!' => "<strong>從先前的b2evolution版本升級</strong>: 為了讓資料可正確的在最新版本運作,將會升級您的b2evolution資料庫",
      '<strong>Upgrade from Cafelog/b2 v 0.6.x</strong>: Install b2evolution database tables and copy your existing Cafelog/b2 data into them.' => "<strong>從 Cafelog/b2 v 0.6.x 升級為b2evolution</strong>: 安裝b2evolution資料庫,並且轉換您現存在 Cafelog/b2 的資料",
      '<strong>Upgrade from Manywhere Miniblog</strong>: Install b2evolution database tables and copy your existing Miniblog data into them.' => "<strong>從Manywhere Miniblog 升級為b2evolution</strong>: 安裝b2evolution資料庫,並且轉換您現存在 Miniblog 的資料",
      '<strong>Upgrade from WordPress v 1.2</strong>: Install b2evolution database tables and copy your existing WordPress data into them.' => "<strong>從 WordPress v 1.2 升級為b2evolution</strong>:  安裝b2evolution資料庫,並且轉換您現存在 WordPress 的資料",
      'Delete b2evolution tables' => "刪除b2evolution的資料表(tables)",
      'Reset done!' => "重設完成!",
      'Back to menu' => "回到選單",
      'official website' => "官方網站",
      'contact' => "聯繫",
      'No desc available' => "沒有功能描述",
      'No description available' => "沒有功能描述",
      'Make URLs clickable' => "自動轉換連結",
      'Automatic &lt;P&gt; and &lt;BR&gt; tags' => "自動段落 &lt;P&gt; 和自動斷行 &lt;BR&gt; ",
      'BB formatting e-g [b]bold[/b]' => "BB formatting e-g [b]bold[/b]",
      'GreyMatter style formatting' => "GreyMatter style formatting",
      '**bold** \\italics\\ //italics// __underline__ ##tt## %%codeblock%%' => "**粗體** \\斜體\\//斜體// __底線__ ##tt## %%程式碼%%",
      'Convert text smilies to icons' => "將特定文字轉換為表情符號",
      'Humane Web Text Generator 2.0 beta' => "Humane Web Text Generator 2.0 beta",
      'Easy HTML tags inserting' => "簡單插入HTML標籤",
      'INSerted [Alt-I]' => "插入 INSerted [Alt-I]",
      'DELeted [Alt-D]' => "刪除 DELeted [Alt-D]",
      'STRong [Alt-S]' => "粗體 STRong [Alt-S]",
      'EMphasis [Alt-E]' => "斜體 EMphasis [Alt-E]",
      'CODE [Alt-C]' => "程式碼 CODE [Alt-C]",
      'Paragraph [Alt-P]' => "段落 Paragraph [Alt-P]",
      'Unordered List [Alt-U]' => "無編號條列 Unordered List [Alt-U]",
      'List Item [Alt-L]' => "條列項目 List Item [Alt-L]",
      'BLOCKQUOTE [Alt-B]' => "區塊",
      'IMaGe [Alt-G]' => "影像 IMaGe [Alt-G]",
      'A href [Alt-A]' => "超連結 A href [Alt-A]",
      'More [Alt-M]' => "插入詳全文 More [Alt-M]",
      'no teaser [Alt-T]' => "不顯示導文[Alt-T]",
      'next page [Alt-Q]' => "插入分頁 next page [Alt-Q]",
      'Close all tags' => "關閉所有標籤",
      'One click smilies inserting' => "點選即會插入表情符號",
      'All' => "所有分類",
      'Trackback address for this post:' => "引用(Trackback)本文章的的連結為:",
      'No %s for this post yet...' => "此文章還沒有 %s",
      'Your email address will <strong>not</strong> be displayed on this site.' => "您的email將<strong>不會</strong>被公開",
      'Site/Url' => "網站/URL",
      'Your URL will be displayed.' => "別人將會看到您的URL",
      'Line breaks become &lt;br /&gt;' => "斷行用&lt;br /&gt;",
      'Remember me' => "記得我的帳號",
      '(Set cookies for name, email &amp; url)' => "(為名稱、emial和url設定cookies)",
      'Linkblog' => "Linkblog",
      'more' => "更過",
      'AOL I.M.' => "AOL I.M.",
      'MSN I.M.' => "MSN I.M.",
      'Yahoo I.M.' => "Yahoo I.M.",
      'Top refering engines' => "最多連結引擎",
      'blogs' => "blogs",
      'archives' => "文章彙整",
      'Select blog:' => "選擇blog: ",
      'Select skin:' => "選擇樣式 : ",
      'words' => "字",
      'Read more...' => "詳全文...",
      'Choose a skin' => "選擇一個樣式",
      'Choose skin' => "選擇樣式",
      'Browse all posts by this author' => "閱覽此作者的所有文章",
      'The <acronym title="Uniform Resource Identifier">URI</acronym> to TrackBack this entry is:' => "引用這個項目的<acronym title=\"Uniform Resource Identifier\">URI</acronym>為:",
      'Comment by' => "撰寫評論的人為",
      'Trackback from' => "引用來自",
      'Pingback from' => "Pingback from",
      'Edit This' => "編輯",
      'E-mail' => "E-mail",
      'Your Comment' => "你的評論",
      'Say It!' => "說吧!",
      'Filed under:' => "類別 : ",
      'Other' => "其他",
      'Meta' => "系統工具",
      'Syndicate this site using RSS' => "使用RSS格式訂閱本網站",
      '<abbr title="Really Simple Syndication">RSS</abbr> 2.0' => "<abbr title=\"Really Simple Syndication\">RSS</abbr> 2.0",
      'The latest comments to all posts in RSS' => "以RSS格式觀看所有文章的最新留言",
      'Comments <abbr title="Really Simple Syndication">RSS</abbr> 2.0' => "訂閱評論 <abbr title=\"Really Simple Syndication\">RSS</abbr> 2.0",
      'This page validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional' => "此網頁符合 XHTML 1.0 Transitional 標準",
      'Valid <abbr title="eXtensible HyperText Markup Language">XHTML</abbr>' => "符合 <abbr title=\"eXtensible HyperText Markup Language\">XHTML</abbr> 標準",
      'Powered by b2evolution; multilingual multiuser multi-blog engine.' => "Powered by b2evolution; multilingual multiuser multi-blog engine.",
      'This skin features a CSS file originally designed for WordPress (See design credits in style.css).' => "這個樣式的CSS檔原本設計給WordPress使用(可在style.css中察看design credits)",
      'Original design credits for this skin:' => "此樣式的原創者為 : ",
      'In order to ensure maximum compatibility with WP CSS files, most b2evolution features that do not exist in WP are hidden from this generic wpc_* skin.' => "為了確認與 WP CSS file 最大的相容性,大部分 b2evolution 的特色沒有包含在 wpc_*skin 的佈景主題中",
      '[...] Read more!' => "[...] 觀看全文!",
      'New pingback on your post #%d "%s"' => "關於你文章 #%d \"%s\" 的最新 pingback",

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