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 * Global lang file
 * This file was generated automatically from messages.po

$trans['zh_CN'] = array(
      '' => 'Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\nPOT-Creation-Date: 2004-01-13 01:52+0100\nPO-Revision-Date: 2004-02-01 20:08-0800\nLast-Translator: Edwin <edwinzhang@westca.com>\nLanguage-Team: LANGUAGE <edwinzhang@westca.com>\nMIME-Version: 1.0\nContent-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\nContent-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n',
      'my b2evolution' => '我的b2e',
      'my blogs' => '博客列表',
      'A blog tool like it oughta be!' => '博客工具就应该是这样',
      'My blogs' => '博客系统',
      'My Back-Office' => '我的管理区',
      'This page is a placeholder providing links to your blogs and additionnal demos of what you can do with b2evolution.' => '本页面是一个总页面,用于提供链接到你使用b2e所能建立的博客系统和附加的演示。',
      'Blog #%d' => '博客 #%d',
      'Blog #1' => '博客 #1',
      'This is a special blog that aggregates all messages from all other blogs!' => '这是一个特殊的博客用于集成全部博客里的所有的消息!',
      'More demos' => '更多的演示',
      'Custom template' => '自定义模板',
      'Multiple blogs displayed on the same page' => '多个博客显示在同一个页面上',
      'Summary of last posts in all blogs' => '所有博客上的最后的帖子总览',
      'official website' => '官方网站',
      'GNU GPL license' => 'GNU GPL 协议',
      'Last comments' => '最后的评论',
      'Statistics' => '统计',
      'Archive Directory' => '备份目录',
      'Multiblog demo' => '多博客系统演示',
      'This demo template displays 3 blogs at once (1 on the left, 2 on the right)' => '这个演示用的模板将显示三个博客在一起(1个在左边,2个在右边)',
      'Permalink' => '全文链接',
      'Categories' => '分类',
      'Display comments / Leave a comment' => '显示评论 / 发表评论',
      'Display trackbacks / Get trackback address for this post' => '显示此贴的 trackbacks / 获取 trackbacks 地址',
      'Display pingbacks' => '显示 pingbacks',
      'Misc' => '杂项',
      'Selected' => '被选的',
      'Recently' => '最近的',
      '(cached)' => '(已缓存的)',
      '(no cache)' => '(未缓存的)',
      'Some viewing statistics' => '显示统计',
      'Search' => '搜索',
      'All Words' => '所有的单词',
      'Some Word' => '部分单词',
      'Entire phrase' => '整个词组',
      'Reset form' => '清空表格',
      'Get selection' => '获取所选内容',
      'Archives' => '存档',
      'more...' => '更多的...',
      'Recent Referers' => '最近的访问者',
      'Top Referers' => '最多的访问者',
      'Blogroll' => '博客卷轴',
      'Syndicate this blog' => '引用这个博客系统',
      'Totals: %d posts - %d queries - %01.3f seconds' => '总计:%d 个帖子 - %d 条查询 - %01.3f 秒',
      'This demo template displays a summary of last posts in all blogs' => '这个演示模板展示了所有博客的最新帖子的总览形式',
      'More posts...' => '更多的帖子...',
      'Blogs' => '博客',
      'You have no right to edit the blogs.' => '您没有权利编辑这个博客系统',
      'New blog' => '新建博客',
      'Cannot update, please correct these errors:' => '无法更新,请修改这次错误:',
      'Back to new blog form' => '返回到“新建博客”页面',
      'Creating blog...' => '创建博客 ...',
      'Loading' => '装载',
      'Creating' => '创建中',
      '<p>Changing mod to %o</p>' => '<p>改变 mod 到 %o</p>',
      'Warning' => '警告',
      'chmod failed!' => 'chmod 失败!',
      '<p>Changing owner to %s</p>' => '<p> 改变使用者为 %s</p>',
      'chown failed!' => '改变使用者失败!',
      'Blog params for:' => '博客参数:',
      'Back to blog editing' => '返回博客编辑页面',
      'Blog' => '博客',
      'You have no right to generate static pages.' => '您没有权利来生成静态页面',
      'Writing to file...' => '写到文件中...',
      'Done.' => '完成',
      'Browse blog:' => '浏览博客:',
      'Since you\'re a newcomer, you\'ll have to wait for an admin to raise your level to 1, in order to be authorized to post.\tYou can also <a %s>e-mail the admin</a> to ask for a promotion. When you\'re promoted, just reload this page and you\'ll be able to blog. :)' => '因为您是新来者,您必须等到管理员增加您的级别,才能够有权发贴。您也可以<a %s>发邮件给管理员</a>来要求发贴的权利。当您的权利被批准后,您可以重新打开这个页面来发贴。',
      'You have no right to edit the categories.' => '您没有权利来编辑分类。',
      'New sub-category in category: %s' => '新建子分类与分类: %s',
      'New category in blog: %s' => '新建分类于博客: %s',
      'New category name' => '新分类名称',
      'Create category' => '创建分类',
      'Deleting category...' => '删除分类...',
      'ERROR' => '错误',
      'Category deleted.' => '分类已删除',
      '<strong>Old</strong> name' => '<strong>旧</strong> 名字',
      '<strong>New</strong> name' => '<strong>新</strong> 名字',
      'New parent category' => '新增上级分类',
      'Old Parent' => '老的上级分类',
      'Root (No parent)' => '顶部',
      'Edit category!' => '编辑分类',
      'Edit' => '编辑',
      'Delete' => '删除',
      'New sub-category here' => '在此新建子分类',
      'New category here' => '在此新建分类',
      '<strong>Note:</strong> Deleting a category does not delete posts from that category. It will just assign them to the parent category. When deleting a root category, posts will be assigned to the oldest remaining category in the same blog (smallest category number).' => '注意:删除一个分类并不会删除分类中的所有帖子,只是将这个帖子转移到上级分类中。当顶级分类删除时,所有的帖子将会被转移到所剩的最早建立的分类中。',
      'Oops, no post with this ID.' => '啊,这个ID还没有帖子。',
      'Editing post' => '编辑帖子',
      'Oops, no comment with this ID!' => '啊,这个ID还没有评论',
      'Editing comment' => '编辑评论',
      'Cheatin\' uh ?' => 'Cheatin\' uh ?',
      'New post in blog:' => '发表帖子于博客:',
      'Since this blog has no categories, you cannot post to it. You must create categories first.' => '这个博客还没有分类,因此你无法在其中发表帖子,请先创建分类',
      'Switch to this blog (keeping your input if Javascript is active)' => '切换到这个博客 (如果浏览器支持Javascript,所有的输入将被保留)',
      'b2evo' => 'b2evo',
      'Login...' => '登录 ...',
      'In b2evolution, you do not need to point to the b2login.php page to log in.' => '在 b2e 中,您不需要打开b2login.php页面来登录',
      'Options' => '选项',
      'You have no right to edit the options for this blog.' => '您没有权利设置这个博客的选项',
      'Show' => '显示',
      'days' => '天',
      'posts' => '帖子',
      'posts paged' => '帖子/每页',
      'Archive mode' => '归档模式',
      'daily' => '每天',
      'weekly' => '每周',
      'monthly' => '每月',
      'Time difference' => '时区差别',
      'if you\'re not on the timezone of your server' => '如果你不在服务器的时区内',
      'Auto-BR' => '自动换行生成',
      'converts line-breaks into &lt;br /&gt; tags' => '将换行转化成 &lt;br /&gt; 标记',
      'Update' => '更新',
      'My Profile' => '我的资料',
      'Edit your profile' => '编辑你的个人资料',
      'Bookmarklet' => '书签夹',
      'Add this link to your Favorites/Bookmarks:' => '增加这个链接到你的最爱/书签里:',
      'b2evo bookmarklet' => 'b2evo 书签夹',
      'No Sidebar found! You must use Mozilla 0.9.4 or later!' => '没有发现侧栏,您必须使用Mozilla 0.9.4及以上版本!',
      'SideBar' => '侧栏(SideBar)',
      'Add this link to your favorites:' => '增加这个链接到“My Favorites”中',
      'b2evo sidebar' => 'b2evo 侧栏(SideBar)',
      'Spell Check' => '拼写检查',
      'Loading Spell Checker. Please wait' => '装载拼写检查,请等待',
      'View Stats' => '统计资料',
      'Summary' => '统计',
      'Referers' => '引用信息',
      'Refering Searches' => '搜索引擎引用',
      'User Agents' => '用户代理',
      'Direct Accesses' => '直接访问',
      'You have no right to view stats.' => '您没有权利查看统计',
      'You have no right to change a hit type.' => '您没有权利改变点击的类型',
      'Changing hit #%d type to: %s' => '改变点击 #%d 的类型为: %s',
      'You have no right to delete a hit.' => '您没有权利删除访问信息',
      'Deleting hit #%d...' => '删除点击 #%d',
      'Filter' => '过滤',
      'None' => '无',
      'Date' => '日期',
      'Indexing Robots' => '索引爬虫',
      'Total' => '全部',
      'Last referers' => '最后的引用地址',
      'These are hits from external web pages refering to this blog' => '下面列出从外部站点访问这个博客系统的情况',
      'Delete this hit!' => '删除这条访问记录',
      'Del' => '删除',
      'Log as a search instead' => '记录为 通过搜索引擎访问',
      '-&gt;S' => '-&gt;S',
      'Top referers' => '最多的引用地址',
      'Total referers' => '所有的引用',
      'Last refering searches' => '最近来自搜索引擎的引用',
      'These are hits from people who came to this blog system through a search engine. (Search engines must be listed in /conf/_stats.php)' => '下面列出人们通过搜索引擎访问这个博客系统的情况 (搜索引擎需在/conf/_stats.php中列出)',
      'Top refering search engines' => '最常引用的搜索引擎',
      'Top Indexing Robots' => '最常访问的检索爬虫',
      'These are hits from automated robots like search engines\' indexing robots. (Robots must be listed in /conf/_stats.php)' => '下面是爬虫程序(例如搜索引擎的检索爬虫)访问的情况 (爬虫需要在 /conf/_stats.ph 中列出)',
      'Total RSS hits' => '总共的RSS点击数',
      'Last direct accesses' => '最后的直接访问',
      'Top User Agents' => '最多的用户代理',
      'User management' => '会员管理',
      'Profile for:' => '个人资料 之:',
      'Login:' => '会员:',
      'First name' => '名',
      'Last name' => '姓',
      'Nickname' => '昵称',
      'Email' => '邮件地址',
      'URL' => '网址',
      'ICQ' => 'ICQ',
      'AIM' => 'AIM',
      'MSN IM' => 'MSN代号',
      'YahooIM' => 'YahooIM',
      'ID' => '序号',
      'Level' => '级别',
      'Posts' => '帖子',
      'Identity' => '代号',
      'Couldn\'t delete user #%d.' => '无法删除会员 #%d',
      'Couldn\'t delete user #%d\'s posts.' => '无法删除会员 #%d 的帖子',
      'Click on an user\'s login name to see his/her complete Profile.' => '点击一个会员的登录名来查看他/她的详细个人资料。',
      'To edit your Profile, click on your login name.' => '如果要改变您的个人资料,请点选您的登陆名。',
      'Active users' => '已激活的会员',
      'Inactive users (level 0)' => '未激活的会员 (级别0)',
      'To delete an user, bring his/her level to zero, then click on the red cross.' => '要删除一个会员,将他/她的级别降为0,然后点击红叉删除。',
      'deleting an user also deletes all posts made by this user.' => '删除一个会员将会同时删除这个会员的所有帖子。',
      'Custom skin template editing' => '自定义背景主题模板编辑',
      'You have no right to edit the templates.' => '您没有权利编辑这个模板',
      'Listing:' => '列表:',
      'Invalid filename!' => '无效文件名!',
      'Oops, no such file !' => '天啊,没有这个文件!',
      'File edited!' => '文件已被编辑!',
      'update template !' => '更新模板!',
      '(you cannot update that file/template: must make it writable, e.g. CHMOD 766)' => '( 你无法更新那个文件/模板;必须先使其可写,例如 CHMOD 766 )',
      'The admin disabled this function' => '管理员已经禁止了这个功能!',
      'upload images/files' => '上传图片/文件',
      'File upload' => '文件上传',
      'Allowed file types:' => '允许的文件类型:',
      'Maximum allowed file size: %d KB' => '允许的最大文件大小:%d KB',
      'Description' => '描述',
      'Upload !' => '上传!',
      'File %s: type %s is not allowed.' => '文件 %s : 类型 %s 不被允许。',
      'Couldn\'t upload your file to:' => '无法上传您的文件到:',
      'Duplicate File?' => '重复的文件?',
      'The filename "%s" already exists!' => '文件名 "%s" 已经存在!',
      'Filename "%s" moved to "%s"' => '文件名 "%s" 转移到 "%s"',
      'Confirm or rename:' => '确定或改名:',
      'Alternate name' => '改名',
      'Confirm !' => '确定!',
      'File uploaded !' => '文件已上传!',
      'Your file <strong>"%s"</strong> was uploaded successfully !' => '您的文件 <strong>"%s"</strong> 已经上传成功!',
      'Here\'s the code to display it:' => '这是显示它的代码:',
      'Image Details' => '图像信息',
      'Name' => '名字',
      'Size' => '大小',
      'Type' => '类型',
      'Close this window' => '关闭窗口',
      'Adding new post...' => '增加新帖...',
      'Supplied URL is invalid: ' => '指定的链接无效:',
      'Cannot post, please correct these errors:' => '无法发表,请修改这些错误:',
      'Back to post editing' => '返回帖子编辑区',
      'Recording post...' => '记录帖子...',
      'Sleeping...' => '休眠...',
      'Post not publicly published: skipping trackback, pingback and blog pings...' => '帖子没有公开发表,略过trackback, pingback 和 blog pings...',
      'Posting Done...' => '发表完毕..',
      'Updating post...' => '更新帖子..',
      'Deleting post...' => '删除帖子',
      'Oops, no post with this ID!' => '哎呀,这个ID没有帖子!',
      'You don\'t have the right to delete <strong>%s</strong>\'s posts.' => '您没有权利来删除 <strong>%s</strong> 的帖子。',
      'Deleting Done...' => '删除完毕...',
      'Oops, no comment with this ID.' => '哎呀,这个ID没有评论。',
      'Cannot update comment, please correct these errors:' => '无法更新评论,请修改这些错误:',
      'Back to posts!' => '返回帖子',
      'You may also want to generate static pages or view your blogs...' => '您也许还想生成静态页面或者查看您的博客系统...',
      'New post' => '新帖子',
      'Create new blog!' => '创建新博客',
      'Update blog!' => '更新博客!',
      'Full Name' => '详细名称',
      'Short Name' => '简略名称',
      'Tagline' => '落款',
      'This is diplayed under the blog name on the blog template' => '这将显示在博客模板中博客名字的下面',
      'Short Description' => '简短描述',
      'This is is used in meta tag description and RSS feeds. NO HTML!' => '这将用于meta标记和RSS信息传递,请勿使用HTML标记',
      'Keywords' => '关键字',
      'This is is used in meta tag keywords. NO HTML!' => '这将用于meta标记和关键字,请勿放置HTML标记',
      'Long Description' => '详细描述',
      'This is displayed on the blog template.' => '这将显示在博客的模板上',
      'Main Language' => '主要语言',
      'Blog Folder URL' => '博客目录的链接',
      'This is the URL to the directory where the <em>Stub filename</em> and <em>Static filename</em> files live. No trailing slash. (If you don\'t know, leave this field empty.)' => '这是用于存放主文件和静态文件的路径相应的链接',
      'Stub Filename' => '主文件名',
      'Stub Urlname' => '主文件URL',
      'Static Filename' => '静态文件名',
      'Stub URLname' => '主文件URL',
      'Lang' => '语言',
      'Gen!' => '生成!',
      'Create new blog !' => '创建新的博客',
      'Title' => '标题',
      'Language' => '语言',
      'Link to url' => '链接',
      '(converts line-breaks into &lt;br /&gt; tags)' => '(将换行转换成 &lt;br /&gt; 标记)',
      'Pingback' => '有效性检查',
      '(Send a pingback to all URLs in this post)' => '发送检测命令到帖子中的所有链接',
      'Trackback URLs' => '用来检测链接有效性的网址',
      '(Separate by space)' => '(使用空格区分)',
      'Preview' => '预览',
      'Blog this !' => '发表此文',
      'Edit this !' => '编辑此文',
      'Spellcheck' => '拼写检查',
      'Upload a file/image' => '上传文件/图片',
      'Status' => '状态',
      'The post will be publicly published' => '这个帖子将会公开发表',
      'Published (Public)' => '公开发表 (公开)',
      'The post will be published but visible only by logged-in team members' => '这个帖子将会发表,但只有登录的会员才能看到',
      'Protected (Members only)' => '半公开(仅限会员)',
      'The post will be published but visible only by yourself' => '这个帖子将会发表,但只有你可以看到',
      'Private (You only)' => '私密 (仅限你自己)',
      'The post will appear only in the backoffice' => '这个帖子仅会在你的管理区可见',
      'Draft (Not published!)' => '草稿 (不发表)',
      'Deprecated (Not published!)' => '被拒绝的(不发表)',
      'Select main category in target blog and optionnaly check addtionnal categories' => '在目标分类中选定主分类以及可选的附加分类',
      'Select as an additionnal category' => '选择成为附属分类',
      'Select as MAIN category' => '选择成为主分类',
      'Comment info' => '评论信息',
      'IP address' => 'IP地址',
      'Previous %d' => '前 %d',
      'Next %d' => '后 %d',
      ' to ' => '到',
      ' of ' => '之',
      'from the end' => '从最新的开始',
      'from the start' => '从最早的开始',
      'OK' => '确定',
      ' Date range: ' => '日期范围:',
      'by' => '作者',
      'in' => '发表于',
      '&nbsp; Edit &nbsp;' => '编辑',
      'You are about to delete this post!\\n\\\'Cancel\\\' to stop, \\\'OK\\\' to delete.' => '您将要删除这个帖子!\\n按\\\'取消\\\' 按钮停止, 按\\\'确定\\\' 按钮删除',
      'no comment' => '没有评论',
      '1 comment' => '1 条评论',
      '% comments' => '% 条评论',
      'Permanent link to this post' => '帖子的永久链接',
      'Comments' => '评论',
      'You are about to delete this comment!\\n\\\'Cancel\\\' to stop, \\\'OK\\\' to delete.' => '您将删除这条评论, \\\'取消\\\'停止,\\\'确定\\\'继续删除',
      'Leave a comment' => '发表评论',
      'Your email address will <strong>not</strong> be displayed on this site.' => '您的邮件地址将不会显示在这个网站上',
      'Site/Url' => '网站/链接',
      'Your URL will be displayed.' => '您的网址将被显示',
      'Comment text' => '评论文字',
      'Allowed XHTML tags' => '允许的xhtml标记',
      'URLs, email, AIM and ICQs will be converted automatically.' => '链接、邮件地址、即时通信帐号将被自动转化。',
      '(Line breaks become &lt;br&gt;)' => '(换行将被转化成 &lt;br&gt; 标记 )',
      'Send comment' => '发送评论',
      'Posts to show' => '查看如下帖子',
      'Past' => '过去的',
      'Future' => '将来的',
      'Title / Text contains' => '标题 / 内容 包含',
      'Words' => '单词',
      'AND' => '与',
      'OR' => '或',
      'Reset' => '重置',
      '<p>%d queries - %01.3f seconds</p>' => '<p>%d 条查询 - %01.3f 秒</p>',
      'GPL License' => 'GPL 协议',
      'logged in as:' => '登陆为',
      'New Post' => '发表新帖',
      'Browse/Edit' => '浏览/编辑',
      'Stats' => '统计',
      'Cats' => '分类',
      'Templates' => '模板',
      'Users' => '会员',
      'Exit to blogs' => '转到博客总页面',
      'Logout' => '退出登录',
      'ALTernate text' => '替代文字',
      'External - English' => 'External - English',
      'INSerted [Alt-I]' => 'INS标记/新增文字 [Alt-I]',
      'DELeted [Alt-D]' => 'DEL标记/删除的文字 [Alt-D]',
      'STRong [Alt-S]' => 'STRONG指令/粗体加强 [Alt-S]',
      'EMphasis [Alt-E]' => 'EM指令/斜体强调 [Alt-E]',
      'CODE [Alt-C]' => 'CODE标记/代码 [Alt-C]',
      'Paragraph [Alt-P]' => 'P标记/段落 [Alt-P]',
      'Unordered List [Alt-U]' => 'UL标记/无序列表 [Alt-U]',
      'List Item [Alt-L]' => 'li标记/列表条目 [Alt-L]',
      'BLOCKQUOTE [Alt-B]' => 'blockquote指令/块状引用 [Alt-B]',
      'IMaGe [Alt-G]' => 'IMG标记/插入图片 [Alt-G]',
      'A href [Alt-A]' => 'A标记/链接 [Alt-A]',
      'Close all tags' => '结束所有标记',
      'More [Alt-M]' => '更多(让用户可以点击“更多内容”按钮看到后面的内容) [Alt-M]',
      'no teaser [Alt-T]' => '请勿玩笑 [Alt-T]',
      'next page [Alt-Q]' => '分页 [Alt-Q]',
      'Login ' => '登录',
      'Are you sure you want to delete this user?\\nWarning: all his posts will be deleted too!' => '你确定要删除这个会员吗?\n警告:他的所有帖子都将被删除!',
      'Tag <code>body</code> can only be used once!' => '标记 <code>body</code> 只能被使用一次!',
      'Illegal tag' => '不合法的标记',
      'Tag %s must occur inside another tag' => '标记 %s 应该出现在其它标记的内部',
      'Tag %s is not allowed within tag %s' => '标记 %s 不允许出现在标记 %s 内',
      'Tag %s may not have attribute %s' => '标记 %s 可能没有属性 %s',
      'Found invalid URL: ' => '发现了无效的链接',
      'Tag %s may not contain raw character data' => '标记 %s 不应含有原始字符数据 (raw character data)',
      'No server specified' => '没有指定服务器',
      'Error ' => '错误',
      'No msg number submitted' => '没有msg代号被发送',
      'Command failed ' => '命令失败!',
      'Can\'t connect to the database server. MySQL said:' => '无法链接到数据库服务器,MySQL 信息:',
      'Can\'t connect to the database %s. MySQL said:' => '无法链接到数据库 %s,MySQL信息:',
      'Oops, MySQL error!' => '天啊,MySQL错误!',
      'go back' => '返回',
      'Redirecting you to:' => '重新定位到:',
      'If nothing happens, click <a %s>here</a>.' => '如果什么都没发生,请点击<a %s>这里</a>',
      'Parameter %s is required!' => '参数 %s 不能缺少!',
      'Invalid URL' => '非法的网络地址',
      'URI scheme not allowed' => 'URI scheme 不被允许',
      'URL not allowed' => 'URL不被允许',
      'Requested blog does not exist!' => '所请求的blog不存在!',
      'Post details' => '帖子详细信息',
      'Read more!' => '更多内容!',
      'More:' => '更多:',
      'Next page' => '后一页',
      'Previous page' => '前一页',
      'Previous post' => '前一贴',
      'Next post' => '后一贴',
      'Next Page' => '下一页',
      'Previous Page' => '上一页',
      'Cannot delete if there are sub-categories!' => '如果存在子分类的话则无法删除!',
      'Cannot delete last category if there are posts inside!' => '无法删除最后的分类,假如里面有帖子的话!',
      'Requested category %s does not exist!' => '请求的分类 %s 不存在!',
      'Category' => '分类',
      'Browse category' => '浏览分类',
      'bad char in User Agent' => '用户代理中存在无效字符',
      'referer ignored' => '引用被忽略',
      'BlackList' => '黑名单',
      'robot' => '爬虫',
      'invalid' => '无效',
      'search engine' => '搜索引擎',
      'loading referering page' => '装载引用页',
      'found current url in page' => '在页面中发现了当前链接',
      'not a query - no params!' => '不是一个查询,没有参数!',
      'no query string found' => '没有找到查询字符串',
      'Sending pingbacks...' => '发送pingback',
      'No pingback to be done.' => '没有pingback可以发送',
      'BEGIN' => '开始',
      'Post contents' => '帖子内容',
      'Processing:' => '处理中:',
      'END' => '结束',
      'Pingbacks done.' => 'Pingbacks完成',
      'Archives for' => '存档之',
      'Sending trackbacks...' => '发送 trackbacks...',
      'No trackback to be sent.' => '没有trackbacks被发送',
      'Excerpt to be sent:' => '发送的摘要:',
      'Trackbacks done.' => 'Trackbacks完成',
      'Sending trackback to:' => '发送 trackback 到:',
      'Response:' => '回复:',
      'wrong login/password.' => '错误的会员名/密码',
      'setcookie %s failed!' => '设置cookie %s 失败',
      'login/password no longer valid.' => '会员名/密码不再有效',
      'You must log in!' => '您需要先登录',
      'Login if you have an account...' => '如果您有帐号请登录...',
      'Register...' => '注册...',
      'Register to open an account...' => '注册以开启一个新帐号...',
      'Logout (%s)' => '退出登录 (%s)',
      'Logout from your account' => '从你的帐号退出登录',
      'Admin' => '管理',
      'Go to the back-office' => '返回办公区',
      'Profile (%s)' => '个人资料 (%s)',
      'Sunday' => '星期日',
      'Monday' => '星期一',
      'Tuesday' => '星期二',
      'Wednesday' => '星期三',
      'Thursday' => '星期四',
      'Friday' => '星期五',
      'Saturday' => '星期六',
      'Sun' => '周日',
      'Mon' => '周一',
      'Tue' => '周二',
      'Wed' => '周三',
      'Thu' => '周四',
      'Fri' => '周五',
      'Sat' => '周六',
      'January' => '一月',
      'February' => '二月',
      'March' => '三月',
      'April' => '四月',
      'May ' => '五岳',
      'June' => '六月',
      'July' => '七月',
      'August' => '八月',
      'September' => '九月',
      'October' => '十月',
      'November' => '十一月',
      'December' => '十二月',
      'Jan' => '一月',
      'Feb' => '二月',
      'Mar' => '三月',
      'Apr' => '四月',
      'May' => '五月',
      'Jun' => '六月',
      'Jul' => '七月',
      'Aug' => '八月',
      'Sep' => '九月',
      'Oct' => '十月',
      'Nov' => '十一月',
      'Dec' => '十二月',
      'Published' => '公开的',
      'Deprecated' => '禁止的',
      'Protected' => '受保护的',
      'Private' => '私人的',
      'Draft' => '草稿',
      'Dutch' => '荷兰语',
      'English' => '英语',
      'French' => '法语',
      'German' => '德语',
      'Japanese' => '日本语',
      'Lithuanian' => '立陶宛语',
      'Portuguese' => '葡萄牙语',
      'Spanish' => '西班牙语',
      'Swedish' => '瑞典语',
      'Please fill in the name field' => '请输入名字',
      'Please fill in the email field' => '请输入邮件地址',
      'Supplied email address is invalid' => '所提供的邮件地址无效!',
      'You can only post a new comment every 30 seconds.' => '您仅能够每超过30秒发表一个评论',
      'Cannot post comment, please correct these errors:' => '无法发表评论,请修改错误:',
      'Back to comment editing' => '返回评论编辑区',
      'New comment on your post #%d "%s"' => '发表新的评论于您的帖子 #%d "%s" ',
      'Author' => '作者',
      'Url' => '网址',
      'Comment' => '评论',
      'Edit/Delete' => '编辑/删除',
      'Connecting to pop server...' => '正在连接POP服务器,,,',
      'Connection failed:' => '连接失败:',
      'Logging into pop server...' => '登录进入POP服务器...',
      'No mail or Login Failed:' => '没有邮件或者登录错误:',
      'Getting message #%d...' => '获取消息 #%d...',
      'Processing...' => '处理中......',
      'Too old' => '太老了',
      'Subject prefix does not match' => '主题前缀并不吻合',
      'Raw content:' => '原始内容:',
      'Pass:' => '密码:',
      'Wrong login or password.' => '错误的会员名或者密码。',
      'Category ID' => '分类ID',
      'Blog ID' => '博客ID',
      'Posted title' => '发表的标题',
      'Posted content' => '发表的内容',
      'Mission complete, message deleted.' => '任务完成,消息已被删除',
      'Level 0 users can\'t post.' => '级别为0的会员无法发贴。',
      'OK.' => '成功。',
      'The email was sent successfully to your email address.' => '电子邮件已经成功地发送到了您的邮件地址。',
      'Click here to login !' => '点击此处登录!',
      'New Password:' => '新密码:',
      'your weblog\'s login/password' => '您的博客的会员名/密码',
      'The email could not be sent.' => '邮件无法被发送。',
      'Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function...</p>' => '可能的原因是:您的服务器屏蔽了 mail() 功能</p>',
      'Note: You are already logged in!' => '请注意:您已经登录了!',
      'You are not logged in.' => '您没有登录',
      'You are not logged in under the same account you are trying to modify.' => '您还没有登录你想要修改的帐户',
      'Back to profile' => '返回个人资料',
      'please enter your nickname (can be the same as your login)' => '请输入您的昵称 (可以与会员名相同)',
      'your ICQ UIN can only be a number, no letters allowed' => '您的ICQ号应只含有数字,字母是被禁止的。',
      'please type your e-mail address' => '请输入您的邮件地址',
      'the email address is invalid' => '邮件地址无效',
      'you typed your new password only once. Go back to type it twice.' => '您只输入了一次密码,请返回并输入两次',
      'you typed two different passwords. Go back to correct that.' => '你输入的两个密码不相同,请返回并修改',
      'please enter a Login' => '请输入一个会员名',
      'please enter your password twice' => '请输入您的密码两次',
      'please type the same password in the two password fields' => '请在两个密码框中输入相同的密码',
      'this login is already registered, please choose another one' => '这个会员名已经被注册了,请选择一个新的',
      'new user registration on your blog' => '有新会员在您的博客上注册',
      'Manage users' => '管理会员',
      'Website' => '网站',
      'Excerpt' => '摘录',
      'Login form' => '登录表格',
      'Password:' => '密码:',
      'Log in!' => '登录!',
      'Register ?' => '注册?',
      'Lost your password ?' => '忘记了您的密码?',
      'Lost password ?' => '忘记了密码',
      'A new password will be generated and sent to you by email.' => '新密码将自动生成并通过邮件发送给你',
      'Generate new password!' => '生成新密码!',
      'Registration complete' => '注册完毕',
      'Registration Currently Disabled' => '注册已被禁止',
      'User registration is currently not allowed.' => '目前会员注册已被禁止。',
      'Home' => '主页',
      'Register form' => '注册表格',
      '(twice)' => '(两次)',
      'Register!' => '注册!',
      'more' => '更多',
      'Trackback address for this post:' => '这个帖子的Trackback地址',
      'Comment from:' => '评论源自:',
      'No %s for this post yet...' => '此贴还没有 %s',
      'Line breaks become &lt;br /&gt;' => '换行变成了 &lt;br /&gt;',
      'Remember me' => '记住我',
      '(Set cookies for name, email &amp; url)' => '(设置Cookie以记住名字,邮件地址和网址)',
      'No comment yet...' => '还没有评论...',
      'In response to:' => '回复:',
      'Original post on %s' => '%s 的原始帖子',
      'Identity shown' => '显示的代号',
      'MSN I.M.' => 'MSN I.M.',
      'Yahoo I.M.' => 'Yahoo I.M.',
      'New password' => '新密码',
      'Confirm new password' => '确认新密码',
      'Top refering engines' => '最频繁的引用引擎',
      'blogs' => '博客列表',
      'skin the site' => '改变布景主题',
      'archives' => '存档',
      'Display feedback / Leave a comment' => '显示意见 / 发表意见',
      'Choose a skin' => '选择一个布景主题',
      'words' => '单词',
      'Choose skin' => '选择布景主题',
      'Browse all posts by this author' => '浏览此作者的所有帖子',
      '[...] Read more!' => '[...] 更多',

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